What happens if you do not put your bins out correctly

Under Section 46 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990, you must present your waste in the way that we ask you to. This includes putting your bins out at the required time and not storing them on the street.

If you do not put out your bins as we have described, we can refuse to collect your waste. We can also take action against you.

If we decide to take action against you, you could be issued with a notice of intent, under Section 46, stating the rule breach and the problems caused by it.

If you do not fix the problem, you could then be given a penalty charge of £60. We may also remove your bins.

Other waste services

Bulky waste

You can take your bulky waste to a household recycling centre, or you can make an appointment for collection on our bulky waste collection pages.

You may be guilty of an offence if you put these items outside your property without making an appointment. This could result in a £400 fine or prosecution against you.

Garden waste

Sign up and pay for our garden waste collection service.


We provide a free service to remove asbestos.

Clinical waste

We provide a free service to remove clinical waste.

Page last updated: 19 October 2022

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