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About the Birmingham Local Plan

How the Local Plan will be prepared

1. Gather evidence

The council conducts a range of detailed studies, like how many new homes and jobs are needed and what supporting infrastructure is required.

2. Consider issues and options (This consultation concluded on 5 December 2022.)

The council considers the ways future development needs could be met.

3. Select preferred options and strategy

In light of the evidence and consultation feedback gathered, the preferred options/ strategy is outlined. Further consultation with residents and stakeholders will take place at this stage.

4. Publish draft plan

The draft Local Plan is published. Opportunity for formal representations to be submitted.

5. Examination

The Secretary of State appoints an independent planning inspector to examine the draft Local Plan. Public hearing sessions are held.

6. Adopt the Local Plan

The Planning Inspector’s final report recommends whether the council can adopt the Plan.

We are currently at the stage where we are preparing the preferred options and strategy.

Page last updated 08 December 2022

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