Adopted Rea Valley Urban Quarter supplementary planning document

The Rea Valley Urban Quarter (RVUQ) Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) was adopted by Cabinet on 13 October 2020 as the City Council’s vision and framework to guide the future redevelopment of the urban quarter.

The area covers some of Birmingham’s oldest neighbourhoods comprising parts of Digbeth, Southside, Cheapside and Highgate, renamed the Rea Valley Urban Quarter given the focus of the SPD, on the transformation of the River Rea to create a unique waterside development.

The SPD sets out a vision for a series of connected, mixed use neighbourhoods, accommodating new homes and integrating innovative space for businesses, services and leisure to develop and grow.

The projects will assist the climate change agenda with the River Rea proposals, enhanced multifunctional public space and integrated green infrastructure forming a key part of the city’s Route to Zero (R20) transformation.

The SPD provides detailed policy and design guidance for the future transformation of the Rea Valley Urban Quarter, building upon the strategic policies of the Birmingham Development Plan (2017).

It will be an important material consideration in determining planning applications in the area.  

River Rea Urban Quarter - Supplementary planning document

River Rea Urban Quarter - Supplementary planning document (text version)

Adoption statement

The council has published an adoption statement which provides details of adoption, where the document can be viewed and rights of challenge. 

Rea Valley Supplementary Planning Document - Final adoption statement

Consultation statement

The Rea Valley Urban Quarter Consultation Statement provides a summary of the formal engagement undertaken whilst producing the SPD and demonstrates how the issues raised have been addressed in the adopted version.

Rea Valley Urban Quarter Supplementary Planning Document - Consultation Statement

Supporting Documents

Below you will find the supporting documentation and evidence base used to inform the SPD production:

  1. SEA Screening Document Update (August 2019)
  2. Equality Impact Analysis (2020)
  3. PDF Beheard Consultation Questions

In all planning documents we produce, we always ensure we have the appropriate contact details including the email address and telephone number and state that the city council will communicate documents in a suitable way to all audiences.

In addition to the online and printed documents, requests for a document in alternative formats will be considered on a case by case basis including large print, another language and type talk.

Once specific requests are made via email or a phone call planning officers act within a reasonable timeframe (normally 14 working days), to ensure all reasonable customer requests are met and are recorded to comply with the Planning and Regeneration Customer Charter.

Rea Valley Urban Quarter SPD Delivery Framework

In 2022, Jacobs were commissioned to help prepare a delivery framework which would help guide the implementation of the proposals and broader opportunities set out in the Rea Valley Urban Quarter (RVUQ) SPD, including specific guidance on approaches to water and flood risk management.

The Delivery Framework comprises four parts:

RVUQ SPD Delivery Framework part 1: Stakeholder engagement workshop

RVUQ SPD Delivery Framework part 2: Baseline analysis with interactive maps

RVUQ SPD Delivery Framework Part 3: Action plan for effective water management

RVUQ SPD Delivery Framework part 4: Delivery roadmap

Delivery roadmap appendices:

Appendix 1: RVUQ funding advice note

Page last updated: 5 June 2024

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