Perry Barr regeneration

About Perry Barr

Perry Barr is a 15-minute journey northwest of Birmingham city centre. It's home to some outstanding open spaces, including Perry Park and Perry Hall Park, the former being the location of the Alexander Stadium.

Perry Barr sits within a parliamentary constituency of the same name that encompasses Aston, Birchfield and several other neighbourhoods. The focus and driver for the regeneration is the Perry Barr Centre, an established Urban Centre serving the wider area.

Almost 43% of residents in the area are under the age of 30, contributing to wider Birmingham being the youngest city in Europe. The area is one of the most diverse parts of the city, with 68% of the population from a BAME (black, Asian and minority ethnic) background, creating a vibrant and multi-cultural district full of talented and inspirational people.

Perry Barr has so far benefitted from £700+ million of public sector investment focusing on enhancing infrastructure, providing new homes and creating new community spaces.

It has also benefitted from the Commonwealth Games acting as a catalyst for change. The council has developed a masterplan for the area to build on this investment and maintain the momentum – 'Perry Barr 2040: a vision for legacy'. This plan is the first step in setting out how the area should evolve over the next 20 years and agreeing on a regeneration framework to deliver a shared vision.

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