Local Land Charges (searches)

Local Land Charges searches are an important part of the property conveyancing process. The results of local searches will inform potential purchasers about essential information that a local authority might hold about a property.

The LLC1 search informs purchasers of restrictions or ‘charges’ affecting the use of the property, such as tree preservation orders, enforcement notices, planning permissions and financial charges.

The enquiry forms CON29 and CON29O provide information on matters such as local plans, highways and assets of community value.

Local Land Charges searches are usually undertaken by solicitors but you can also submit your own search.
Some information, including planning permissions, enforcement notices and tree preservation orders can be found online through viewing Birmingham City Council’s Planning Online and GISMaps facilities.

A personal search of the Local Land Charges register can be obtained by email at no cost. A personal search is a search of the LLC1 register only and does not constitute a full search as replies to the CON29 enquiries are not provided.

You should allow up to 8 working days for personal search results to be returned.

How to submit a search

Our fees:

  • £29.50 for LLC1 (excluded from VAT)
  • £70.00 for Con29 (inclusive of VAT)
  • £99.50 for LLC1 & Con29 Full Search (inclusive of VAT)
  • Optional enquiries (Con29O) can be added for £13.65 per question (inclusive of VAT)
  • £24 for each additional property/parcel (inclusive of VAT). Please contact us for a quote if you think there may be additional parcels.

Payments for searches can be made by cheque, payable to Birmingham City Council or by BACS, please contact us for BACS details.

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