I already rent a council garage

Useful information while you are renting a garage from us.

What we expect from garage licence holders

We expect you to:

  • create a BRUM account to manage your tenancy
  • report any repairs immediately
  • pay for any additional locks you have fitted to your garage
  • keep your keys safe during your tenancy
  • return all keys to us at the end of your licence
  • leave your garage empty when you move out

Paying the rent for your garage

We prefer you to pay your rent by Direct Debit. You must always pay your rent in advance. You can pay:

  • every week
  • every fortnight, or
  • every month

Read how you can pay your rent.

If you cannot pay your garage rent, you must contact our rent collection team immediately. We will try to help you.

Email us: rent@birmingham.gov.uk

Call us: 0121 675 2006

Request a repair for your garage

Tell us about any garage repairs as soon as possible.

Report a repair online.

Email us: HousingRepairs@birmingham.gov.uk

Call us: 0121 216 3330

We treat repairs as ‘non-urgent’ unless the condition of the garage causes a health and safety issue.

We will only carry out repairs to a garage if we believe it is economical to do so.

You will have to pay to repair any damage:

  • you or your visitors have caused, or
  • that is not due to fair wear and tear

Moving out of your garage

Your garage tenancy is a weekly tenancy. You can end it at any time by giving us a week’s notice in writing.

Any notice runs from the Monday after we receive it. The tenancy will end seven days after this.

You must pay the rent (and any other charges) until the day the tenancy ends.

There is more about ending your garage tenancy in our terms and conditions.

Rubbish and fly-tipping

If anyone has dumped rubbish or fly-tipped in the communal areas near your garage, you should report it. We will arrange to get it removed.

Report fly-tipping.

Rats, mice, and other pests

If you see rats, mice, or other pets in or near your garage, you should report it.

Report a pest problem.

Terms and conditions

There is more about renting a garage from us in our terms and conditions.

Page last updated: 19 September 2023

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