What you can expect from us

Our service to you is set out in our void and letting standards. Here are some of the key points in the standards.

Before you move in

We inspect all empty (void) garages before a new tenant moves in. We fix any noticeable problems such as leaks or broken locks as part of the inspection.

We also make sure:

  • the garage is dry and empty
  • the garage door is working properly
  • the roof and brickwork are in good order

After you move in

We will cover the cost of any repairs to the garage after you move in. This includes repairs to:

  • garage doors
  • brickwork
  • roofs
  • guttering

Garage refurbishment programme

We are carrying out a five-year garage refurbishment programme as part of our service to our tenants. The work will include improvements to:

  • roofs
  • garage doors
  • block signage
  • door numbering
  • concrete hard standings
  • lighting (where appropriate)

Asbestos survey

We inspect all our garages for asbestos.

We send samples of any suspected materials to our contractor’s laboratory for testing. We restrict access to any affected garages.

We will always tell you if your garage is affected, there is no need to contact us.

Page last updated: 19 September 2023

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