Garages void and letting standards

Void standard

The Garage Service goals are to:

  • maximise our income from garage rentals
  • reduce the number of garage voids (empty garages) that we own

Start of a tenancy

When a garage becomes void (falls empty), we will:

  • close the previous account for the garage
  • inspect the garage

We will always inspect a recently vacated garage to make sure:

  • the previous licensee (tenant) has removed all their possessions
  • the garage is fit for re-allocation.

We will fix any obvious repairs during the inspection as long as the garage can be re-let immediately.

We can only inspect void garages when we allocate them. We do not have the capacity to inspect all void garages regularly.

Any new tenant has seven days to accept an offer on a new garage. After this, we will withdraw the offer.


We only have one set of keys for each garage.

We issue all the keys we have for a garage at the start of the tenancy.

We do not keep a master key or spare set of garage keys for any of our garages.

Letting standard

Our letting standard sets out:

  • what you can expect from Garage Services
  • what we expect from garage licence holders

What you can expect from Garage Services

We will make sure that:

  • you get at least two garage keys at the start of your tenancy
  • your garage door is in working order, and that you can lock and secure your garage
  • your garage is dry on the day we inspect it
  • your garage will be empty for you to occupy
  • we will inspect the roof to check there are no obvious repairs needed
  • all brick work in the garage will be sound
  • the hardstanding area is free from trip hazards


The council will cover the cost of any repairs to your garage during your licence agreement. This includes repairs to the:

  • doors
  • roof
  • brick work
  • guttering
  • fascia


We do not supply water or electricity to any of our garages.

Read our terms and conditions for more about renting a garage from us.

Page last updated: 19 September 2023

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