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Introduction | Electric vehicles | Birmingham City Council

Key announcements

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EV charging for Taxis, Private Hire Vehicles and public accessibility

As part of its commitment to cut carbon emissions, Birmingham City Council will start the roll-out of 100% renewable energy electric vehicle charge points across the city from Autumn 2020.
Major investment has been secured by the council to support electric vehicles in the city, including £2.92 million from the Office of Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) and through its newly-procured Electric Vehicle (EV) Network Development Partner, ESB EV Solutions.

Over the next two years, an initial network of 394 ‘fast and rapid’ charge points will be installed across Birmingham, focusing on the city centre to support the electrification of Birmingham’s taxi fleet – but also accessible to the general public and local businesses. This will also include upgrade of many of the existing EV charge points across Birmingham (see below).

You can see the full details of this programme for Birmingham’s EV charging network

Existing EV Charge Points

As part of the first phase of the delivery of Birmingham’s new EV charging network, our network partner, ESB EV Solutions, will take over the existing charge points previously installed by Birmingham City Council. Once transfer of these charge points is complete, ESB EV Solutions will support these charge points as part of the overall Birmingham EV Network.

In the meantime, the existing charge points will remain visible and can be seen on zapmap and will continue to operate in open mode until such time as ESB is in a position to support them as part of their overall network operations. Work is already under way to rectify current issues with these charge points and to improve the user experience and reliability of these charge points.

On an interim basis, please report any faults or problems with these charge points by emailing ESB EV Solutions – support@esb-evsolutions.co.uk

EV charging at Home or Work

If you want to charge a vehicle at home or are an employer who would like to provide charging facilities for your staff, the Government offers grants for installing home charging points and grants for installing workplace charging points.