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Birmingham City Council is committed to reducing transport emissions

In 2019 Birmingham City Council declared a climate emergency in response to the overwhelming evidence that the greenhouse gas emissions are leading to dangerous levels of global warming. As part of this declaration, the council committed to achieving ‘net zero’ carbon emissions across the city by early 2030 and ensuring that we do our part to limit the effects of climate change.

The council has two main objectives for reducing emissions from transport:

  1. Encourage walking, cycling and public transport wherever possible, as this will reduce emissions while also bringing additional health benefits such as improved air quality and healthier lifestyles.
  2. Ensure that any journeys that must be done by car or van are in a zero-emission vehicle.

While electric vehicles are still typically more expensive to buy than conventional vehicles, they are much cheaper to run and there is a range of local and national incentives to help reduce the costs. For more information, please visit the Business Breathes website.

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