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Review of Active Travel measures in 2020

In late 2019, we launched an official review of the various emergency transport measures that were introduced as the city emerged from the first national lockdown.

Last year we delivered £1.6 million of pop-up temporary transport schemes in tight timescales as part of Birmingham’s low carbon, emergency response to Covid-19,

These included

  • pop-up cycle lanes
  • pavement widening to allow social distancing in local centres
  • reducing traffic in residential neighbourhoods to create Places for People

This review looked at all the trial schemes to assess their impact and effectiveness to help decide whether they should be made permanent, modified or removed.

You can read the full review, technical review and the consultation report:

We are already using the findings of this review to build on the work that began in 2019.

We will be consulting with communities and businesses continually to shape this work, keeping measures in place where appropriate and introducing new schemes to help reduce traffic and make walking and cycling easier and safer across the city.

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