Birmingham bus statement

In July 2020, Birmingham City Council recognised the urgent need to support buses and from this, the Birmingham Bus Statement was produced. This statement serves to reinforce our commitment to the bus as a major strand of our transport policy and describes how we are supporting this mode of travel.

Buses are essential to daily mobility; they provide our residents and workers access to jobs and vital services including health and education. Birmingham’s commitment to public transport was set out in the Draft Birmingham Transport Plan. This message was restated in the Emergency Birmingham Transport Plan.

Buses are the primary public transport mode for moving people around our city and are essential in supporting a greener agenda. They are a vital tool in the difficult tasks of solving congestion, air quality and our climate crisis.

We will help to ensure that bus services are maintained and supported in the short term to provide a service for those that depend on them. Longer term, we will help bus travel to regrow into an efficient, attractive mode and connect more people to employment opportunities. We will continue to reallocate space on the highway, and upgrade interchanges, to improve the convenience and reliability of services as part of an integrated transport network for Birmingham.

Download the Birmingham Bus Statement

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