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Tributes paid after death of the Duke of Edinburgh

Cllr Mohammed Azim, Lord Mayor of Birmingham, has commented following the death of the Duke of Edinburgh. Full details of Birmingham's response


Car Clubs are an alternative to owning your own car.

They enable club members to share cars, and only pay when they are using them. Peer to peer car clubs enable a member who owns a car to rent it to other members.

Car clubs have a role to play in supporting a number of the council’s objectives for transportation, regeneration, climate change and sustainability, and are supported within the Local Transport Plan, the Climate Change Action Plan, the Low Carbon Transport Strategy and Birmingham Connected.

The city council has encouraged car clubs by including the provision of vehicles within planning obligations, the parking policy, and the parking guidelines

Car clubs can provide a variety of benefits, both for the individual member and within the wider community. They have a proven record of influencing travel behaviour as they provide the opportunity to reduce overall dependence on the car. This can result in a reduction in car ownership and people making better choices about how to make their journeys. Car club members usually find their transport costs are reduced compared to owning their own car. In addition the existence of a car club can increase use of local services, promote neighbourhood cooperation, and help combat social exclusion by providing access to cars to people who previously had none.