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A New Green Vision

The Green Commission's Vision, launched in March 2013, sets down a challenging and robust programme of work that aims to make Birmingham a leading green city.

The new Green Vision strategically links our work on ecosystems services, adapting to climate change, carbon reduction and green jobs and innovation through:

  • Planning framework and policy
  • Sustainable energy and CO2 emissions reduction
  • The green economy

The benefits of becoming a leading green city are enormous for Birmingham. Green jobs are already being created locally but we need to ensure Birmingham becomes a place that businesses want to invest in.

If we can build more sustainable transport systems, create energy efficient homes and develop new ways of generating energy, citizens will save money and enjoy a better quality of life.

To coordinate this action Birmingham has prioritised the development of a Carbon Roadmap to be published in autumn this year.

Carbon Roadmap

The four priority areas of the Birmingham Carbon Roadmap include:

1. How Birmingham should in future be heated and powered;
2. How we travel and get around the city;

3. Improving the energy efficiency and affordable warmth of buildings; and
4. Creating decarbonised local energy generation capacity.

CO2 Emissions Target & Carbon Budgets

Our target is to reduce total CO2 emissions by 60% by 2027 from 1990 levels.

The Government's Carbon Budget framework will be adopted to ensure the city's progress is aligned to national policy. There are four Carbon Budget (CB) periods, each of five years in length:

There are four Carbon Budget (CB) periods, each of five years in length. Carbon Budget 1 runs from 2008 to 2012; period 2 from 2013 - 17; period 3 from 2018 - 22; and period 4 from 2023 - 27.

Find out more in the documents below.

We have also produced a Green Living Spaces Plan to help preserve and enhance our green spaces and networks across the city.

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