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Do I need a permit?

If you operate an industrial process that falls under schedule 1 of the Environmental Permitting Regulations 2016 you will need to apply for an environmental permit. There are three classes of permits specified under this schedule.

Part A1 permits

These are regulated by the Environment Agency and cover industries that are considered to be the most polluting. Industries such as large scale power stations, chemical works and pharmaceutical production fall under this category. A1 premises are regulated for emissions to air, land, water and other environmental considerations such as noise, vibrations, waste and energy usage. For further information please contact the Environment Agency.

Part A2 permits

This category is regulated by the council and seen as a medium risk to the environment and human health. If you operate a galvanizers or large scale pottery, for example, you may be regulated as an A2 premises. A2 premises are also regulated for emissions to air, land, water and other environmental considerations.

Part B permits

Seen to be lesser polluting, these industries are only regulated for emissions to air. Industries such as cement batching plants, coating material manufacture, animal feed manufacture, dry cleaning and vehicle refinishers will fall into this category.

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