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View encampment injunctions

We successfully gained two injunctions banning encampments from moving onto four city parks and recreation grounds until July 2019. The ruling - made by the Honourable Mr Justice Morris sitting in the High Court in Birmingham - came into effect immediately and bans households from setting up or joining encampments on any of the following four sites.

  • Perry Park and Alexander Stadium
  • Selly Oak Park
  • Selly Park Recreation Ground
  • Hazelwell Park

In September 2017 and on 27 November 2018 the injunction was varied by the Honourable Mr Justice McKenna to add the following parks:

  • Swanshurst Park
  • Sarehole Mill
  • Chinn Brook Rec
  • The Dell

Anyone who breaches the orders covering these 8 parks and recreation grounds may be arrested, will be guilty of contempt of court and may be fined, have their assets seized or face imprisonment.

Both injunctions ban people from entering or remaining on any part of the parks and recreation grounds covered by the injunctions to establish, join or be part of an encampment.

View the encampment injunctions

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