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Birmingham CC-v-Cash, Connors, Conners and Persons Unknown QB-2021-BHM-000056 Order 26 January 2022

A High Court Interim Injunction is in place affecting the following defendants

  1. Thomas Cash
  2. Patrick Connors
  3. Patrick Connors
  4. Persons Unknown Being The Defendants identified by description At Schedule 1 of the Interim Injunction who have, since 6 August 2021, participated in any of the unauthorised traveller encampments established within the city of Birmingham at Daisy Farm Park, Swanshurst Park, Billesley Common, Chinn Brook Recreation Ground, The Dell, Fox Hollies Park, Cofton Park, Kings Norton Playing Field, Kings Heath Park, Highbury Park, Kings Norton Park, Senneleys Park, Selly Oak Park, Walkers Heath Recreation Ground, Stechford Hall Park, Stechford Recreational Ground and/or Horselea Croft/Cottsmeadow Drive.

The Injunction forbids The Defendants from entering or remaining on any part of the land within the city of Birmingham (as hatched in red on the plan attached to the Order at Schedule 2), for the purpose of establishing, joining or being part of an unauthorised encampment as defined at Schedule 3 to the Injunction Order.

The Injunction applies to:

  • The above named persons as well as
  • The owners or passengers of any of the vehicles identified by their vehicle registration numbers in Schedule 1 of the Injunction Order.
  • Unauthorised encampments, not to the council’s transit sites (located in Proctor Street, Nechells and Aston Brook Street, Nechells) as long as the defendants use these sites in an authorised manner.

The Injunction is not generalised and does not apply to any person other than those described by name or associated with the listed vehicle registration numbers.

Offenders risk being arrested. Adults breaching the High Court Injunction can face up to 2 years imprisonment and youths can be fined and have their assets seized for contempt of court.

This interim injunction will be reviewed in 12 months.

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