Appeal against a decision to refuse your child a school place

What is the likelihood that your appeal will be allowed and that your child will be offered a place at the school?

In the 2015 to 2016 academic year the following school admission appeals, facilitated by Birmingham city council, were heard by independent appeals panels.

Number of appeals and percentage of appeals allowed
School year No. of appeals heard % of appeals allowed
Reception intake 2016 409 1.4%
Secondary transfer 2016 1075 2.9%
Primary in-year 2015 to 2016 982 7.5%
Secondary in-year 2015 to 2016 209 8.6%

Before you decide to appeal

In deciding on whether you have a good chance of your appeal being allowed, it may be beneficial to consider the following:

  • have you been realistic in the school preferences you put forward for your child?
  • do you have genuine reasons why your child should attend a particular school?
  • would your child be disadvantaged by not attending a particular school?
  • are there exceptional circumstances that would prevent your child from attending the school offered or any of the alternatives available?
  • has your preferred school's admission authority made a mistake in the way in which they dealt with your application, which meant that your child was not offered a place?
  • do you have any evidence or documents to demonstrate the point that you're making?

How to appeal

The Secondary transfer appeals deadline has now passed.

The Reception and Year 3 appeals deadline has now passed.

The decisions of the Appeal Panel are completely independent and binding, unless overturned by a court. If you appeal for a school and your appeal is unsuccessful, you can’t appeal again for a place at the same school in the same academic year, unless there have been significant changes to your circumstances.

You shouldn’t wait for the outcome of an appeal about one school before deciding to appeal about another, as appeals can be made for more than one school at the same time.

If you decide to appeal, this will not affect your waiting list position in any way.

School application timelines