About Hole Farm

Hole Farm Trekking Centre is part of Woodgate Valley Country Park.

For less than £10, riders can go on a pony trek through the valley, in a safe, traffic-free environment. It’s a fantastic opportunity for children and adults to meet, touch and ride a pony.

Hole Farm is a British Horse Society (BHS) approved riding centre. All staff are BHS members and are working through the BHS examinations system.

There is an apprenticeship opportunity for school leavers who want to train towards a career in the horse industry.

Hole Farm is a Pony Club and Riding for the Disabled centre.

Our horses and ponies

The 30 ponies and horses that live at the centre are made up from a variety of breeds native to Britain, known as "mountain & moorland" or "cob types". They are renowned for their excellent temperaments, hardiness, durability and a laid back attitude to their work.  This makes them ideal for learning to ride and handle.

The 65 acres of grazing pasture provides the ideal habitat offering natural shelter with high hedges and trees. Their winter hay supply is made by the Ranger Service and the ponies thrive.

Trekking through over 400 acres of Country Park matches their "lifestyle" which they are very happy to share with their riders.