Do I need planning permission?

It is important to find out if you need planning permission before you make improvements or changes to a property.

If you go ahead without permission, you may end up having to put things back to how they were.

To find out whether you need planning permission you can:

Miscellaneous Planning Charges 2021-2022
Service requested/Enquiry Category Fee (excluding VAT)
Do I need Planning Permission? Householder
Written response only
Non Householder
Written response only
Invalid applications Small Scale £30.00
Medium Scale £50.00
Large Scale £150.00
Have (some or all) planning conditions been discharged for a particular development? Written response only £200.00
Has the Enforcement Notice/BCN been complied with? Written response only £200.00
Request to remove an Enforcement Notice from the Register Written response only
(charge is irrespective of outcome)

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