Local Information Requirements

The Local Information Requirements for Planning Applications document sets out the information required by the local planning authority to support a planning application. The document explains what plans and documents are required as part of a planning application to ensure that the Council can make transparent, well informed and robust decisions on planning applications in the public interest.

Planning legislation requires that the local planning authority review its local list every two years. As part of that process the Council is required to consult on a draft local list and then formally publish the document having taken any representations into consideration. Consultation on a draft revised list was undertaken from 14 October 2021 to 25 November 2021. The final list takes into account the comments made and is available to view below.

Please ensure you read this document and submit the required information when making a planning application. You must include all the necessary information with your application, or we cannot accept it.

This list is in line with the Government’s national requirements (Gov.UK website).

As part of the Council’s Local Information Requirements, all planning applications for development creating new dwellings should include the submission of a Residential Standards Statement in relation to the Nationally Described Standards (NDSS) and accessible and adaptable (Part M4(2) accommodation requirements. A template has been created to assist with the provision of this information.

Local information requirements for Planning Applications December 2021

Residential Standards Schedule - Template

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