Yardley constituency - results declared

Results for Yardley constituency
Candidate Party Votes
CLEMENTS, Yvonne Beverley The Conservative Party Candidate 3,634
GREEN, Roxanne Harmony Green Party 1,958
HARMER, Roger Kingdon Liberal Democrat 3,634
KAMBERI, Nora Reform UK 5,061
MCINTYRE, Jody Workers Party 10,582
PHILLIPS, Jess Labour Party 11,275
  Rejected ballot papers 128


Grand total 36,272

PHILLIPS, Jess is elected as Member of Parliament for Yardley

The rejected ballot papers are accounted for as follows:

Rejected ballots
Reason for rejection Number
a) Want of official mark 0
b) Voting for more than one candidate 66
c) Writing or mark by which voter can be identified 8
d) Unmarked or void for uncertainty 54

Page last updated: 5 July 2024

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