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Our Digital Strategy - Beta version

Being digital is about using online tools and new ways of working to improve services. Our Digital Strategy will ensure that citizens, businesses and visitors are at the centre of how we design and deliver better services.

Our strategy has been developed from our conversations with citizens, businesses and staff, and responses that we received from our online surveys. It is owned by the Council Management directorate on behalf of the council.

Our aims

We want to make Birmingham City Council a place that uses the best of data, digital and technology so that we can respond even better to the changing needs and expectations of our citizens, businesses and visitors.

Our themes

Our principles 

Our principles underline and guide our strategy.

We put people, communities, businesses and organisations at the centre of everything we do.

We support collaboration across the council and with our partners to co-ordinate our work and act with one voice.

Open and transparent
We share the work we are doing and publish our targets and results.

We investigate new ways of working and continuously modernise our tools and technology.

We guarantee the security of all data that we use and generate.

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