Digital Strategy: 2022 and beyond (easy read)


Digital Strategy: 2022 and beyond

Picture shows two older people sitting on a sofa, smiling as the woman interacts with a tablet.

The aim of our strategy is to give everybody in Birmingham better online services. This includes citizens, businesses and visitors.

A strategy is a long-term plan on what to do to achieve a certain goal.
Picture shows two young people talking in an informal environment. One is making notes on a laptop

We have talked to people in Birmingham. They told us what they needed and wanted from us. We have used what people said to write our strategy.

What we will do for you

Picture shows a woman using a desktop computer while another helps her.

We will make it easy for you to do what you need to online.

Picture shows woman in a wheelchair making notes on her mobile phone.

We will make sure all our services are accessible.

Accessible means everybody can use it.
Picture shows a woman talking to a man and referring to her tablet.

We will ask you to tell us what you find difficult to do online.

Picture shows a man holding a laptop computer with lots of cables around him.

We will use what you tell us to make our services better.

A person standing in front of a group of people sitting in chairs.

We will tell you how we have made decisions.

Picture shows a laptop, book and phone wrapped up in chains.

We will keep your information safe.

What we will do for staff

Picture shows a nurse showing a phone screen to an older woman; they are both smiling.

We will give staff better technology to work with you.

Picture shows three men sitting around a laptop, looking thoughtful. One is pointing at the screen.
We will give staff training in using new technology.
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