Industrial development

Aston's excellent transport links helped in its industrial development.

The Birmingham and Fazeley Canal runs northwards on the eastern side of Aston and joins the much later Tame Valley Canal at Salford Bridge.

The Grand Junction Railway was built in 1837 and although there was no station at Aston until 1854, the area was opened up to the rail network. A branch from Aston to Sutton Coldfield and Lichfield was opened later.

The Lichfield Road and Walsall Road had always been major road routes. With the building of Aston Expressway and Spaghetti Junction, the area is now at the heart of the country's road system.

The river Tame was used for water-powered mills. Aston also has water from artesian wells which favoured the establishment of breweries. The old breweries have all disappeared, leaving the more recent Aston Manor Brewery as one of the few left in Birmingham.

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