There has been a village at Erdington since before Saxon times.

By 1066, Erdington belonged to the estates of Edwin, Earl of Mercia and many of the familiar thoroughfares we know today were in place. Kingsbury Road and Chester Road were part of an important network of routes that were essential for trade and survival to the village's Norman inhabitants.

The powerful De Erdington family came to prominence around 1166 when Henry obtained the manorial rights from Gervais Pagenal of Dudley, thus beginning a long association between Erdington and the De Erdington family which lasted until 1467, when the family died out. Their tomb can still be seen today at Aston parish church.

During the subsequent years the manor of Erdington changed hands many times, the Duke of Clarence and Sir Thomas Holte from the famous Holte family of Aston Hall being among the more notable landowners.

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