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Before you arrive | Genealogical research | Birmingham City Council

Key announcements

Due to essential maintenance some of our online forms will be unavailable on Wednesday 24 February, from 7pm to 11pm. We apologise for any inconvenience. Coronavirus (COVID-19) National lockdown: Stay at Home

Before you arrive

There are a number of actions you can take to make your visit useful and productive:

Checks to make when planning your visit

Set your expectations

  • What do you hope to find - speak with your friends and family so you're not disappointed
  • Have a good idea of a starting date or reference point from which to start your research - many of our resources are not indexed

Things to bring with you

  • Your Birmingham Library card if you want to use our computers to access digital resources
  • ID confirming your name, address and signature
  • A camera if you want to make copies of materials in the search room for private use (there is a £2 daily permit charge)
  • Ask someone with IT skills to come with you if you struggle with IT equipment
  • Equipment to make notes (pens, pencils, notebook, recorder, tablet, etc)
  • Cash or card if you want to make photocopies or print from our resources

When you arrive