Where to start

Material held in the Library of Birmingham may help you to find the final resting place of a person in present-day Birmingham. There is no central index to burial records, so you may need to be prepared for a lengthy search of several sources, some of which may be held elsewhere.

Identifying possible locations of a burial is the first step. Burial locations include:

  • Church burial grounds
  • Municipal and private cemeteries
  • Burial grounds for specific faiths
  • Crematoria (from 20th century)

Maps can help you to locate the nearest burial ground to where a person lived, but people were not always buried at the one nearest to their home. They may have been buried at the institution where they died, or in a family grave in the place where the family originated.

Locating a death certificate will provide the address of the deceased person. You can then use this to locate local churches and burial grounds.

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