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What is a Housing Liaison Board (HLB)

A Housing Liaison Board (HLB) is a consultative partnership between:

  • council officers
  • councillors
  • tenants
  • leaseholders
  • other residents such as owner-occupiers

As a consultative forum, the purpose of an HLB is to:

  • influence and advise the council on housing policy and service delivery
  • monitor and scrutinise local performance to improve the quality of services
  • play a key role in the local decision-making process
  • represent the views of tenants, leaseholders and other stakeholders in the area or neighbourhood
  • help improve the councils housing service
  • make sure service users' views shape improvements in council housing services and in the wider neighbourhood

An HLB is non-political and is not a forum for raising individual issues or personal complaints, unless they have implications for the wider tenant area.

There can only be one HLB covering a given area. Some HLB’s cover a ward, some part of a ward, and some an area larger than a ward, but they do not overlap.

Page last updated: 30 June 2023

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