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Co-regulation refers to tenants and landlords working together to monitor performance and promote transparency.

HLBs play an important role in the co-regulation of Birmingham City Council by:

  • working with others to make the neighbourhood a better place to live
  • funding small projects in the area
  • acting as the recognised forum through which all tenants and leaseholders in an area can help shape service delivery and improve services, such as through HLB estate walkabouts
  • influencing and informing the decisions made by the council to ensure that the views of tenants and leaseholders in its area are represented

To monitor performance the HLBs receive a quarterly HLB Report on the key performance figures from their local housing team.

HLB members can then:

  • monitor and scrutinise local performance
  • identify areas for improvement
  • influence future service delivery

We offer training to tenants who are HLB members so that they can develop their skills and fully participate in the scrutiny process.

As well as local co-regulation, there is also a Performance Monitoring Group which monitors and scrutinises the performance of housing management and repairs contractors at a city-wide level.

Page last updated: 30 June 2023

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