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City of Nature

In January 2021, the council launched ‘Our Future City Plan’, 2040, a vision for how Birmingham will look and feel as a place to grow up in, live in and work in. Being a City of Nature is a key theme within this. Our Birmingham City of Nature Delivery Framework describes a 25-year plan for how we will get there.

The framework is made up of five themes and will increase the number of parks and open spaces we have across the whole city.

Birmingham has 600 green spaces, but not across the whole city. An environmental justice map has been developed which highlights how some parts of the city don’t have enough access to nature or green spaces.

Through implementing the City of Nature vision, we aim to reduce these inequalities and improve the environmental quality and the health and wellbeing of residents.

The City of Nature programme gives us a unique opportunity to:

  • engage with tenants in a different way to find out how they are affected
  • look at issues such as fly-tipping on communal land, or overgrown front and back gardens to create communal spaces and community gardens, or to clear gardens for tenants to enjoy.

Page last updated: 30 June 2023

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