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Give notice of your marriage or civil partnership

A Notice of Marriage or Notice of Civil Partnership is a legal document showing:

  1. the two people getting married or registering a civil partnership
  2. the venue where the ceremony will take place.

If you live in Birmingham you must book an appointment (using the contact details on this page) to give notice at Birmingham Register Office. If you don’t live in Birmingham, but wish to get married or register a civil partnership in Birmingham, you must give notice to the local authority for the area you live in instead.

We recommend you book your notice appointment at 6 to 12 months before your ceremony. Legally you must give notice between 29 days and one year before your ceremony.

It costs £40 per person to book an appointment to give notice at Birmingham Register Office. We'll take your payment over the phone (by debit or credit card) when you book your appointment.

When you give notice you’ll need:

Once you’ve given notice, it will be displayed in the Register Office for 28 days. After this time, if there are no objections, you’ll be given a document called a 'marriage authority/schedule'.

In the event that anyone arriving to give notice of marriage or civil partnership books in more than 10 minutes late, it may not be possible for the appointment to take place and your appointment may be rearranged. The rearranged appointment may not be on the same day.

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