Problems with a landlord

You should report a repair or other problem to your landlord. If they won’t deal with the issue you can contact us for help.

We will contact the landlord and work with them to fix the repair or problem.

We may take enforcement action if the landlord refuses to fix the repair or problem.

We may also:

  • inspect your home to learn more about the repair or problem
  • pay for someone to fix a problem if it is urgent
  • help you find alternative accommodation in severe cases

You could take your landlord to court if they didn’t fix a repair or problem and as a result:

  • you have been hurt
  • your possessions have been damaged

You should get legal advice before you take someone to court.

Harassment or threats

Anyone has the right to live in their home without threats or harassment.

Contact us immediately if your landlord:

  • harasses you to try to make you leave
  • threatens to evict you illegally

Tell us if your landlord is not doing repairs.

Landlord entering the property

Your landlord cannot enter your home without giving you at least 24 hours written notice. It could be less in an emergency, but you still have to give your permission.

If your landlord is entering your home without your permission you may be able to change the locks. You should speak to us before you do this.

Page last updated: 6 March 2023

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