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Tenancy agreements

Types of tenancy agreements

There are several different types of tenancy agreements and it is important to understand what type of tenancy agreement you have.  Shelter's website provides more information about the different kinds of tenancy agreements.

Signing a tenancy agreement

It’s not always necessary to have a written tenancy agreement but it is advisable because it means that the details of the agreement are recorded. The contents of a written agreement can affect your rights as a tenant.

Always get advice before you sign any agreement. The unfair contract terms regulations mean that the landlord cannot include any clauses that are unfair to you, for example, that you have to pay a high rate of interest on any unpaid rent. Get advice if you think your agreement contains any unfair clauses.

If you are a tenant and don’t have a written tenancy agreement, you have the right to get your landlord to provide a written statement of the basic terms of the tenancy. These will include the start date of the tenancy, the rent you must pay, whether the tenancy is for a fixed term and the length of the fixed term.

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