Legal action

There are a number of none legal remedies and legal actions for dealing with someone who behaves antisocially (ASB):

  • They could be given a Community Protection Notice (CPN) which prevents them from carrying out specific acts of antisocial behaviour. For example, the CPN may say they cannot play loud music at night. The CPN can include requirements to ensure that the problems are rectified. If someone breaches a CPN, it is a crime.
  • If anti-social behaviour is experienced in a particular geographical location with public access the city council may look to put in place a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO). This will include a set of prohibitions that individuals or groups must abide by when they are in this location. If someone breaches any of these prohibitions, this is also a criminal offence.
  • They could be given a Civil Injunction.This prevents them from carrying out specific acts of antisocial behaviour or compels them to do something, such as positive requirements for example; attending an alcohol rehabilitation course. Breaching an injunction can result in the person going to prison.
  • If a household or business is being used for criminal purposes or sustained acts of ASB the city council, West Midlands Police or both may look to apply for a Premises Closure Order. This means we can remove everyone from the building and the building will be secured by way of Citex (metal shutters) for a period of up to 6 months.
  • If they are a local authority tenant and their behaviour has breached their conditions of tenancy or they have committed an indictable criminal offence, we will consider possession proceedings/ absolute power of possession.
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