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What is a Community Trigger?

A Community Trigger is a formal anti-social behaviour case review process. In this review, organisations will identify if any further action can be taken.

At the end of the review, an action plan will be produced and shared with the Community Trigger applicant.

Each organisation will then complete the actions identified.

A Community Trigger does not guarantee the anti-social behaviour will be resolved. But it does ensure that all appropriate actions are being taken to address it.

A Community Trigger case has to meet set criteria to qualify for a review. The criteria may vary between different areas.

In each area, the organisations will agree their local criteria based on the local issues.

The Community Trigger case review does not review anti-social behaviour cases which have been resolved. It focuses on cases where anti-social behaviour is happening now.

It also does not consider complaints about service delivery.

For example,

  • a complaint about an individual member of staff.

In these cases, applicants will be referred to the appropriate agencies’ complaints procedure.

Birmingham City Council, the Clinical Commissioning Groups, all Social Housing Providers and West Midlands Police have a statutory duty to deliver Community Trigger case reviews.

The Council manages Community Triggers on behalf of these agencies in Birmingham.

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