What happens in an ASB case review?

Stage 1

The Community Safety Team will contact the applicant and confirm a convenient time to discuss their request.

This helps the applicant to decide if an ASB case review is the best option.

If the applicant wants to proceed, the Community Safety Team will complete an initial reporting form with them.

This will be completed within 10 working days of the original notification.

Stage 2

The Community Safety Team will request information from the other agencies.

The team will review this information and confirm if the case meets the threshold for a review.

Stage 3

If a case qualifies for a review, it will be scheduled for a ASB case review panel.

The Community Safety Team will contact the applicant to find out if they would like to provide additional information to the panel.

This is a valuable opportunity for the applicant to describe the impact of the anti-social behaviour.

After the panel has met, the applicant will receive information about the review’s key findings, and an action plan.

They will receive this information within 10 working days of the panel.

Stage 4

If an applicant disagrees with the action plan, they can request an appeal within 20 working days. An appeal panel will then be convened.

The appeal will consider the information provided to the initial panel, including any information provided by the applicant.

It will decide whether the action plan is effective to address the anti-social behaviour.

The Community Safety Team will then update the applicant with the appeal panel’s findings and share an updated action plan (if appropriate).

Page last updated: 7 June 2023

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