Birmingham City Council financial challenges - time to Reset

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You will find information about Birmingham’s population here.   The Census of Population takes place every ten years.  The latest population census took place on 21st March 2021. The survey provides an estimate of the population as at census day and tells us about the age, sex, ethnicity and health of the population.  It also tells us about the labour market, travel to work, migration and housing.  This will be the first census to ask about sexual orientation and armed force veterans. 
Mid-year population estimates are produced annually between the census years, the next mid-year population will be 2021 and is due to be published Winter 2022. The results will replace the mid-2020 estimates shown below.
The latest estimate of Birmingham’s population is the 2021 population census estimate. There are 1,144,900 people living in Birmingham according to the census.  This is an increase of 6.7% (71,900) compared with 2011.  This population change between censuses is moderately higher than the rate seen in England (6.6%).

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