Birmingham City Council financial challenges - time to Reset

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Birmingham City Partnership

With the council's support, Birmingham City Partnership brings together stakeholders from many sectors to discuss Birmingham's key opportunities and challenges and considers how the city responds to them.

Birmingham City Partnership involves key people from:

  • the National Health Service (NHS)
  • local and regional government
  • the education sector
  • statutory partnerships

Birmingham City Partnership aims to support and influence the priorities, actions, and activities of strategic partnerships and organisations in Birmingham. By doing this, the partnership hopes to 'level up' Birmingham and create an inclusive and sustainable recovery from the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

The partnership also helps to strengthen the voice of Birmingham by bringing together many people who can help champion Birmingham as it works to overcome long-standing inequalities.

Birmingham City Partnership provides a forum for networking across sectors. This networking:

  • helps improve understanding of shared priorities
  • builds relationships and collaboration across organisations that work in Birmingham
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