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Ward Action Plans in Birmingham

The 2018 local elections in Birmingham saw a number of changes. These included:

  • a new ward structure (moving from 40 wards with 120 councillors to 69 wards with 101 councillors)
  • the introduction of four-year electoral terms

Also introduced in 2018 was the requirement for each ward to develop, adopt and approve a “Ward Plan and Priorities” document. This sets out locally determined priorities and issues. It is developed through local engagement and discussion.

The Ward Action Plans are designed to be used by residents, elected members and local stakeholders as a tool. The aim of these is to encourage engagement and action around local-level topics and issues that matter to local people.

As seen across the world over the past few years, circumstances, needs and priorities change, sometimes from one week to the next.

The Ward Action Plans are intended to be flexible documents, that can be reviewed, updated, and adapted (where necessary) on a regular basis. They aim to always reflect the changing needs and ambitions of the ward throughout the four-year electoral term.

Page last updated: 23 March 2023

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