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Jewellery Quarter Neighbourhood Development Plan

Jewellery Quarter Neighbourhood Development Plan progress

  • 2014: Application made to designate a Neighbourhood Forum. This application was publicised for six weeks up to 5 March 2014. Comments were taken into account, and the boundary area amended to include the Crimean War Gardens on Summer Hill Terrace.
  • Jewellery Quarter Development Trust Neighbourhood Planning Forum (JQDTNPF) formally designated by the council.
  • 2015: The JQDTNPF preparing a Neighbourhood Development Plan document.
  • 2019: Jewellery Quarter Development Trust Neighbourhood Planning Forum (JQDTNPF) designation expired on April 2019. The Jewellery Quarter Development Trust (JQDT) have made an application to redesignate the neighbourhood forum and neighbourhood area.  


Strategic Environmental Assessment Screening

As assessment has been conducted by the City Council to examine the likely environmental impacts of the draft Jewellery Quarter Neighbourhood Plan policies in line with the Environmental Assessment of Plans and Programmes Regulations (2004). Consultation has also been undertaken with the Statutory Bodies (Historic England, Natural England and the Environment Agency) as specified in the Regulations

On the basis of the assessment and the consultation responses it is concluded that the Jewellery Quarter Neighbourhood Plan is likely to have significant environmental impacts, and that a full Environmental Assessment is therefore required. The SEA Screening Determination is available to download. Alternatively, a copy of the determination can be viewed at the offices of Birmingham City Council at:

1 Lancaster Circus Queensway
B4 7DJ

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