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Beeches, Booths and Barr (3Bs) Neighbourhood Plan | Birmingham City Council

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Beeches, Booths and Barr (3Bs) Neighbourhood Plan

  • December 2019 to February 2020: Beeches, Booths and Barr (3B’s) pre-submission consultation. 
  • January 2017: Beeches, Booths and Barr (3B’s) Neighbourhood Forum and Neighbourhood Area formally designated by Council.
  • September 2016: Beeches, Booths and Barr (3B’s) Neighbourhood Forum submitted application to Council seeking designation of 3B’s Neighbourhood Area and Neighbourhood Forum.

Pre-submission Consultation 

The Neighbourhood Forum have undertaken their pre-submission consultation (Regulation 14) from 16th December to 7th February. The plan is being finalised and will be submitted to the Local Planning Authority who will conduct their own consultation (Regulation 16). 

Strategic Environmental Assessment

The council has undertaken a screening opinion for a Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment (SEA) and determined the Neighbourhood Plan does not require a SEA. You can download a copy of the report of the screening opinion.

Designation of the 3B’s Neighbourhood Area and Neighbourhood Forum

A community group in Perry Barr, known as the 3B’s (Beeches, Booths and Barr) Neighbourhood Planning Forum, wish to prepare a Neighbourhood Plan (NP) for the majority of Perry Barr Ward. The Neighbourhood Area to which the NP will relate has been designated by the council (23 January 2017), alongside the 3B’s Neighbourhood Forum, who are the body responsible for preparing the document.

You can download a copy of the Beeches, Booths and Barr (3Bs) Constitution

Drafting the Neighbourhood Plan

Based on consultation already undertaken by the Forum, a number of priorities have been identified, including housing and employment opportunities, flood risk, open spaces and revitalising local centres. Further consultation with the community will be led by the Forum and will inform policies within the document.

Other key milestones include submission of the NP to the Council, independent examination, referendum (subject to a successful outcome at examination) and adoption. When adopted, NPs form part of the statutory development plan and will shape future development within an area.

Neighbourhood Planning

Neighbourhood Plans (NPs) are community-led plans for guiding the future development and regeneration of an area, which are prepared by designated Neighbourhood Forums. They can deal with a range of social, economic and environmental issues (such as housing, employment and transport) and need to be prepared in accordance with the Neighbourhood Planning Regulations. The process for preparing a NP consists of a number of key stages, the first of which is the designation of the Neighbourhood Area and Neighbourhood Forum.

Want to get involved?

If you wish to get involved with the Neighbourhood Plan, please email Councillor Hunt at jon.hunt@birmingham.gov.uk