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Purpose of processing

Personal data is collected and processed to enable Birmingham City Council meet statutory obligations in relation to preparing Local Plans and the associated policy work. This includes the following:

  • Adding you to the Planning Policy Consultation Database (by your consent);
  • Adding you to the Self and Custom Build Housing Register;
  • Recording of land and land ownership for consideration as potential development allocations;
  • Keeping you informed about our Local Plan and associated planning guidance and documents;
  • Processing representations on the Local Plan and associated planning guidance and documents;
  • Undertaking virtual meetings/ events/ hearings in relation to the Local Plan and associated planning guidance and documents;
  • Keeping a record of declared HMOs; and
  • Responding to enquiries and other matters.

Personal data is processed under both Part 2 (‘General processing’) and Part 3 (‘Law enforcement processing’) of the Data Protection Act 2018 (the ‘DPA 2018’, the ‘Act’). Where it is collected for planning law enforcement purposes then we are acting as a competent authority* and Part 3 applies.

*A competent authority means:

  1. a person specified in Schedule 7 of the DPA 2018; or
  2. any other person if, and to the extent that, they have statutory functions to exercise public authority or public powers for the law enforcement purposes.

By virtue of point 2, the council and its contractors are acting as a competent authority in processing the data for planning law enforcement purposes.

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