Who can change their name

Anyone in the UK over 18 is entitled to change their name if they wish, however many official bodies, such as bank and building societies, will require a change of name deed to accept the change.

The following information applies to all applicants:

  1. A change of name deed is an acceptable document to prove a person has changed their name and should be used in conjunction with other documents.
  2. A person can change their forename, surname or both, but any names chosen must not be offensive, vulgar, blasphemous.
  3. A name cannot be changed to include titles such as Sir, Lord, Lady, Duke or Duchess and cannot contain symbols or numbers.
  4. A foreign national living in the UK can use the service, but must check with their own national authorities to ensure that they will accept the change. This also applies to British Nationals living abroad.

Please note, a change of name deed can't be used to change your birth certificate, marriage certificate or decree absolute. It's also not possible to get permanent records such as past educational certificates changed, because these are a matter of fact and were in the correct name when issued.

Page last updated: 29 April 2024

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