I am a parent / carer, what can I do to support my child attending an OOSS?

You may be considering sending your child to an out of school setting to help them learn important life skills, develop their confidence or identity, or enhance their talents. We want to make sure that you are supported in making such a decision and can have confidence in your choice of OOSS. The DfE have published guidance and information for parents. Read the latest information.

The following information also aims to support you in making an informed decision.

Before sending your child to an OOSS, to check if it is suitable for your child you can:

  • Ask to see the Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy (check that it is in date). This may be available on their website.
  • Ask about the qualifications and experience of the staff and volunteers
  • Ask for confirmation regarding the DBS certification of staff and volunteers
  • Ask for a tour of the setting and check that the site is safe
  • Ask if they have a Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) onsite at all times when children are present

You can also look for online reviews of the setting or speak to parents who use/ have used the same setting.

If your child is already at an OOSS you can:

  • Ask your child what they are enjoying about attending and if they have any concerns.
  • Ask the OOSS regularly about your child’s progress.
  • Tell your child’s mainstream school that your child attends an OOSS. The school can monitor their performance with the additional learning from the OOSS.

If you have concerns about your child attendance at an OOSS you can:

  • Make sure your child that they can talk to you about all of their worries.
  • Talk to the OOSS and share you concerns.
  • Consider withdrawing your child from the setting and:
    • Notify the local authority on 303 1888 (For the Out of Hours service call 675 4806) for safeguarding concerns
    • If your child is at immediate risk of significant harm contact the Police on 999
    • Contact the OOSS team for setting-related issues

If your considering hiring a private tutor:

  • Ensure that there is a suitable location for any tutoring taking place at home, this should be in a main shared area of the property (e.g. a living room). It is recommended that tuition sessions take place when you or a trusted adult are around.
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