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Bus lane enforcement | Bus lanes in Birmingham | Birmingham City Council

Bus lane enforcement

We enforce bus lanes and bus only roads using cameras which record the registration plate of vehicles in bus lanes.

There are 10 cameras in the city centre and two outside the centre (Horton Square and Longmore Street). In September 2017 we will be switching on two new cameras on A441 Pershore Road.

We will be enforcing the bus lanes in 20 locations along B4128 Bordesley Green East and A5127/A38 Lichfield Road/Tyburn Road from September 2017. We are installing camera housing in 20 locations but there will only be 10 cameras, which will be moved between locations. Details of where these are can be found in our bus lane camera locations directory.

Image showing signage of enforcement camera

As you approach a camera site you will see a sign informing you of the possible presence of a camera.

We also have a camera car which can be used to enforce any bus lane or bus only road.

If an unauthorised vehicle is caught driving in a bus lane or bus only road, a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) will be sent to the registered keeper of the vehicle. This will contain details of the alleged contravention, details of the vehicle and three photographs showing the contravention.

The police can also fine vehicles which are using a bus lane or bus only road illegally.

More information about Civil Parking and Bus Lane Enforcement (including PCNs and NTOs) is available online at www.patrol-uk.info or in a leaflet from the Council.