After you have signed up for garden waste collection

Your first collection for renewed bins

If you have renewed an existing bin, we usually add your property to the collection lists 2 days after you subscribe. However, be aware that it can sometimes take longer, so allow up to 10 working days until your first collection takes place.

What we send you

If you do not have a garden waste wheelie bin at your property, we will send you one. Your new bin will be delivered with a bin tag attached to its handle.

We will no longer be sending bin stickers. If you have renewed your garden waste collection, we will attach a tag to your bin's handle when we come to collect your garden waste.

Garden waste sacks

If you have a sack for your general waste, you will receive 60 sacks for garden waste. 3 sacks are equivalent to one wheelie bin. 60 sacks should last the year.

There is no sticker for garden waste sacks. Each year has sacks of a different colour.

Replacement bins and tags

If your tag is damaged or lost, you can request a new one by completing the garden waste subscription enquiry form.

If your bin needs replacing, you can request a replacement by completing the request a replacement bin or pod form. If you order a replacement bin, your new bin will be delivered with a tag.

What goes in your garden waste bin

Your garden waste wheelie bin or sack can be used for:

  • grass
  • hedge clippings
  • plants
  • weeds
  • leaves
  • bush prunings
  • tree prunings (no more than 5cm or 2 inches in diameter)

Do not put your waste in plastic bags in the bin.

Your garden waste wheelie bin or sack cannot be used for:

  • stones
  • soil
  • bricks
  • rubble
  • Japanese knotweed
  • plastics
  • metals
  • chemicals
  • treated wood
  • used tea bags
  • cooked meat
  • vegetables
  • fruit
  • pet bedding
  • faeces

Collection days

Your garden waste will usually be collected on the same day as your general waste. It will be collected on the alternate week to your recycling waste.

You can also check the day on the check your collection day page.

How to put your garden waste out

The lid on your wheelie bin must be closed. Your sacks must be tied.

Do not put garden waste outside the bin or sack.

Your wheelie bin or sacks must be out by 5:30am on your collection day.

There is no restriction on the number of sacks that can be put out, but be aware that your 60 sacks will need to last the whole collection period.

What to do if your waste has not been collected

We will collect your garden waste between 5:30am and 1:30pm. You can report a missed collection if your garden waste has not been collected by 1:30pm.

Page last updated: 2 July 2024

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