Recycling wheelie bin

Your wheelie bin for recycling has a blue lid.

Your recycling bin also includes a pod for paper and card. This keeps it separate from the other materials in the main body of the bin and helps us sort the different types of recycling. We will also collect a reasonable amount of neatly bundled cardboard left next to your recycling wheelie bin, if it will not fit in the paper pod. Each bundle must be easy for our crew to handle and be no bigger than the size of the pod. Please make sure you break down any large cardboard boxes as our crews will not collect these or any other waste type left outside a wheelie bin.

You should put your recycling out at the front of your property between 3:30pm the day before your collection is due, and 5am on the day of your collection.

You can also take your recycling to your nearest household recycling centre (tip).

Paper pods

What you can put in your paper pod:

  • cereal boxes and thin cards
  • junk mail and envelopes
  • telephone directories
  • yellow pages
  • newspapers
  • cardboard (flattened)

What you can’t put in your paper pod:

  • milk, juice and tetra pack cartons
  • padded envelopes
  • soiled paper or card
  • pizza boxes

Recycling bin

What you can put in your recycling bin:

  • plastic household and toiletry bottles (lids removed)
  • plastic drink bottles (lids removed)
  • brown, green and clear glass bottles and jars
  • clean foil and foil trays
  • aerosols
  • food and drink cans
  • metal and plastic lids
  • plastic pots, tubs and trays - including yogurt pots and meat trays (no black trays)

What you can’t put in your recycling bin:

  • food waste
  • paint or other non-food tins
  • drinking glasses
  • pyrex or ceramics
  • black food trays
  • carrier bags and black sacks
  • hard plastics
  • light bulbs and mirrors
  • plastic film or wrappers
  • polystyrene
  • batteries
  • corks
  • metal, such as coat hangers
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