Preparing for flooding

Flooding is commonly associated with rising water and burst rivers, but often heavy downpours can cause flooding in our streets, homes and businesses.

Types of flooding

  • Fluvial flooding (river flooding)
    Occurs when a river/stream cannot cope with the amount of water or is blocked
  • Pluvial flooding (surface water flooding)
    Occurs during heavy rainfall when the drainage/sewer system cannot cope
  • Sewer flooding
    Occurs when a sewer pipe gets blocked or equipment fails
  • Reservoir flooding
    Occurs when a dam fails or during extreme rainfall

Flooding can pose a serious hazard to lives and property. There are many simple precautions you can take to minimise the damage caused by flooding:

  • check you have sufficient insurance cover for your home and vehicle
  • protect your home with flood defences if necessary
  • prepare a "grab bag" of essential items in case you need to leave in a hurry
  • prepare an emergency plan and discuss it with your family
  • stock up on food and bottled water in case you cannot get to the shops

Check the flood risk to your property

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