Utilities have become essential services which we rely on as part of modern life; they include electricity, gas, water, sewers and telecommunications.

Loss of these services can be caused by fires, flooding, severe weather and accidents. Services could be lost for a few hours, days or weeks depending on the severity of the incident.

Power outages can happen at any time, night or day. These outages can be a nuisance to many but power outages can have a far greater impact on communities, including:

  • disruption to essential services and activities
  • people exposed to poor sanitation or limited drinking water
  • homes without heating
  • no facilities to cook and/or keep food cold
  • limited telecommunications
  • access to money from ATMs (cash machines)

Power distribution company staff always have an identity card. Make sure you see it, and if you're in doubt, phone the police right away. Power distribution company staff will always be happy for you to check their identity. If you've registered a password with the power distribution company, ask the member of staff to ring and get the password. Be aware that this company will be different to the company you pay your bills to.

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