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Due to scheduled maintenance, our housing repairs service may be unavailable for periods from 5pm Friday 12 April to 9am Monday 15 April. To find out more about the section 114 notice, visit our section 114 page

Tree planting

We plant new trees between October and March. These usually replace trees that had to be removed.

During a long dry spell we always welcome your help in watering new trees. If a tree dies within the first year it will be replaced in the next planting season.

You can request for a tree to be planted on council land. We will check if this is possible and get in touch to let you know.

Requesting a memorial tree in a park or open space

We accept requests for memorial trees.

If your request is for a memorial tree in a park or open space, submit your request on the Treemembrance site.

For all other memorial tree requests, use the tree-planting map on this page to submit your request.

We are not able to add plaques to or near trees, as the plaque may get damaged.

Request tree planting

Use the map below to start your request.

The map will default to a 2 mile radius from Birmingham city centre. You can:

  • search by entering a post code or road name in the search button (include the property number if known)
  • use the "find my location" circle underneath the zoom tabs to use your current location when making a report
  • use the "plot new enquiry" tab and zoom in to choose the location manually

When you have marked the location on the map, use the "submit new enquiry" tab to begin completing the form.

You can add additional location information within the form once the mapping point has been submitted.

If you want to track progress on your request, you can log in or register for a BRUM account.

(The map may not be displayed if you are using an older version internet browser, such as Internet Explorer 10 or earlier.)

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